Nakabah Al-Sada Al-Ashraf in Brief






 Nakabah Al-Sada Al-Ashraf (Head Board of Honorable Gentlemen) doesn’t just raise on the recent time, or generated under a pressing of juncture circumstances, but it have been founded long time in the history (since more than 1000 years) when it adapted the process of carrying up the Islam torch of Prophet Mohamed (SAAWS: Arabic abbreviation of; Salla-Allahu alihi wa salam), with his glory Qura'an and rising up the flags of purity (Ahlu Al-bait "alayhum alsalam").

There was very required need from it, over the epochs and since the appearance of need to gathering all the (Alawi Sada) of "Hasani, Husaini and Talibi" from Hashim descents, to achieve the work of affirming their genuine kinship in the Sashimi blessed genealogical tree, which contain (Alsada Alashraf; "honorable Gentlemen").

The appearance of (Ahlu Al-bait; "Descent of Prophet Mohamed's House and Family") were as figuring of the cultural, morally and material status, which been confirmed from the estimate position of (Ahlu Al-bait "alayhum alsalam") which exists in the hearts and feelings of other people. This means that the (Alawi) person is not same as any ordinary man. So that, he deserves a particular ways of treatment and special means in the live. His estimate position must be saved, his rights have to respect and his privileges should be respected and very considered.

Therefore, the Nakaba played the role of the organizer, arranger and intermediate that prevent any bad consequences. It is the head association contain "Alawi" themselves, organize their affairs, reunion them, supporting their influence, save their rights if violated, abused or usurped. It also the right place to fix any fragment in between the Sada. There is also a professional committee so called (Kinship Committee) linking with the Nakaba and working under its authority, to reserve the genealogical trees and kinship pillars of the Sada.

Nakabah Al-Sada Al-Ashraf had been established in the beginning of 4th Hijri Century during the Abassy Khalifs Ruling epoch when it was taken in the hands of 2 Sada brothers (Alsharif Alradhi and Alsharif Almurtadha), then it enlarged and extend throughout the Islamic world and kept working till stopping its activities during the Royal ruling epoch (in 20th Century).

But lastly, by the blessing and support of god, we make a meeting after the changed that happened in Iraq during the year 2003 DC, when the heads, chiefs, and notables of Sada in Iraq had been agreed to hold a conference contains all the tribes, groups and houses of Alsada Alashraf in Iraq. On May 1st 2003, the first conference was held in Babil Hotel in Baghdad, it was a huge assembly by wide attendances of well known personalities (Clerical, social, tribal and official), in which were presented many speeches, poems and messages which all focused on exposing the motives of this conference and its historical importance to revive and return the activity of Nakabah Al-Sada Al-Ashraf in Iraq.

Upon democratic and electional forms, the attendances had been agreed on the followings axises:


1- To elect Sayed Muhsen Sayed Ali Alghalibi as the head of Al-Sada Al-Ashraf "Ahlu Al-bait" in Iraq, when all attendances elected him starting from the confidences with him, on which they spoke about during the assembly and based on the characters and distinguishing qualified him to fill this position under the shadow of recent circumstances.


2- To elect Sayed Adnan Sayed Ni'ema Almousawi as Secretary General of the Nakaba.


3-To consider all the attendances as foundational form of Nakaba in addition to consider them the members of General Centre of Nakabah Al-Sada Al-Ashraf in Iraq.


4- To approve the draft of (Internal Order) which submitted during the foundational assembly and considers it as an important document that organize the works of Nakaba in the systematic, socialist clerical, preaching and kinship fields.


5- Initiate in forming the following leagues:

  1. The Hasani league.

  2. The Husaini league.

  3. The Mousawi league.

  4. The Radhawi league.


6- The General Center of Nakaba to be locates in Baghdad with branches in Basrah for the Southern Area, in Mosul for Northern Area and in Najaf for Middle Furat Area of Iraq.



Aims of the Nakaba


-         To promote the religion realization of Islamic without any extremism, exaggeration, fanaticism and sectarianism.

-         To generally affirm and sedate the pillars of Sada kinship and verify it by a committee of knowledge with kinships which belongs to the Nakaba, then to save that in a documentary library.

-         To promote the morally and cultural realization thru professional committees.

-         To generally maintain the social links between the Sada's tribes & houses the social committee.

-         To defend in generally the rights of all members (Alawi, Muhamedi) kinship by the legal committee in front of the official, judicial and social institutions.

-         To issue a journal, magazine, leaflet or any other editions.


The contacts with Sayed Muhsen Alghalibi, the head of Al-Sada Al-Ashraf "Ahlu Al-bait" in Iraq:


Mobile Iraqna: (+964) 7901836498

Mobile Atheer: (+964) 7803412148